Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Additions to the very small knitting kit..

Just back from a lovely stroll around Salisbury with the wee man and along with our traditional Tuesday Ice Bun we also had a rummage around a few charity shops (there are LOADS in the town) and I got hold of a few bits for the knitting kit. Lovely wooden handled crochet hook (going to re-teach myself how to crochet), chunky duck-egg blue knitting needles and a packet of knitting needles in a really lovely paper packet. There were so many to choose from!!!

I've not really done much knitting as I don't think I've got the patience but have a few ideas up my sleeve using homemade and vintage yarns, texture, moulding and enormous stitching al a Claire Anne O'Brien http://claireanneobrien.com/index.php?/work/knit-stools/. These stools are beautiful! So tactile, I wonder what they feel like?

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