Friday, 2 December 2011

The Christmas Bonanza!

Here we are in December. How the hooli' did we get here? I can say that I have had my first mince pie, albeit a mini one, and have put some decs up; some rather snazzy light up crowns and a very camp feathery bird brought on a Liberty shopping trip (I *heart* Liberty sooo much!). The wee man and I have been experimenting with some glitter (I think we are destined to have it all over us until the end of the month) so we are feeling rather festive. The advent calender was started last month but thats a whole other story....

This month brings Once I Was to many a festive soiree including one that I am having a hand in organising, a first for me. Some friends and local creative types are putting on The Christmas Bonanza!. We are managed to get a room in a coffee shop in Salisbury thats open during the Later night Shopping season. We are very excited about the event and have some lovely sellers -will be biggin' them up here very soon! Its quite a small event but its been a rather nice chance to meet some local creative types and have a trial run at putting an event together. Its a shame that there is so much on at the moment - a poorly family and busy day job. Roll on the Holiday!

Here comes the Bonanza!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Phew. What. A. Week.

Wow, whadda week. Work, work, work. Poorly wee man and a bit more work. Alongside the rather hectic day job I took part in 2 local events - both great fun! On Thursday the Ladies Who Love Evening of Indulgence which was basically a food-drink-shopping fest! Organised by a local company called 'Ladies Who Love...' who put on fab things for girls to do. Hair demos, nail bars, wine bars and sweets, it was very busy and Once I Was was very well received. Although I could have done without the cosmetic surgery leaflets I kept getting handed. It had been a long week!!!

...eyes shut, as per usual...

These photos are courtesy of the fabulous photographer 'Lydia Stamps'; check out her FB page...

On Saturday I loaded up the car again and headed down to the Salisbury Arts Centre Christmas Craft Fair where a whole bunch of really diverse exhibitors were showing. Was a great day and the 'Once I Was' stocks were rather depleted!

There were some great artists from Brighton exhibiting, I brought a gorgeous print from a lovely lady called Liz Toole... you can check out her work here:

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Additions to the very small knitting kit..

Just back from a lovely stroll around Salisbury with the wee man and along with our traditional Tuesday Ice Bun we also had a rummage around a few charity shops (there are LOADS in the town) and I got hold of a few bits for the knitting kit. Lovely wooden handled crochet hook (going to re-teach myself how to crochet), chunky duck-egg blue knitting needles and a packet of knitting needles in a really lovely paper packet. There were so many to choose from!!!

I've not really done much knitting as I don't think I've got the patience but have a few ideas up my sleeve using homemade and vintage yarns, texture, moulding and enormous stitching al a Claire Anne O'Brien These stools are beautiful! So tactile, I wonder what they feel like?

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vintage and Handmade Fair in Bath

This is such a nice fair. . The organisers and traders are all so friendly, but alas I am very cross with myself to have double-booked in the Christmas run up so will have to miss it. Very sad as Once I Was is always really well recieved!

Oh well.

An exciting project is coming together though and will be announced in a few weeks. Think boutique, market, christmas and craft. What fun!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Salisbury Arts Centre Christmas Craft Fair

Once I Was will be exhibiting at the Salisbury Arts Centre Christmas Craft Fair. Its taking place in the main area of the Arts Centre, which is a lovely converted church. Lots of great things happen here and they are all very nice. Especially the cafe which does fab food... i.e cake! This year they have cherry-picked the exhibitors so it should be a good show!

Its on Saturday 19th November from 10am - 4pm. Please come down!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Thinking about Christmas...

Just back from the shops with the wee man and we were looking at Christmas presents (eek!). Feeling very organised for a change! Got an email from Folksy with lots of bird inspired presents and think these Toast bird feeders will be ideal for Dad and Dad-in-law. Both love the birds... I think that Folksy + wine+ an evening in = Christmas this year!

Got some lovely boxes for the Once I Was brooches too. Perfect for Christmas - coming to a website near you soon!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Autumn Season is Here!

Hand cut leather brooches with vintage scarf and button trim

Vintage fabric bags from curtain and dress materials

Vintage dress fabric bags and birdy brooch

Leather bag and purse from leather jackets

Loving the Autumn Season. The city and countryside here is chilly and lots of super crispy leaves everywhere. Also a lot of Magpies in the garden. No birds all year despite the endless bread and cheese and discarded food that Sammy leaves for them and now an abundance of steely magpies. Will catch them in a pic soon...

Anyway, new season means new collections. Once I Was has taken a Seventies disco vibe incorporating some vibrant prints and metallic leathers. I was given a lot of metallic skirts - they knew their fate! Lots of scalloping too. And of course, buttons.

The whole collection will be available to buy online v.soon.