Sunday, 20 November 2011

Phew. What. A. Week.

Wow, whadda week. Work, work, work. Poorly wee man and a bit more work. Alongside the rather hectic day job I took part in 2 local events - both great fun! On Thursday the Ladies Who Love Evening of Indulgence which was basically a food-drink-shopping fest! Organised by a local company called 'Ladies Who Love...' who put on fab things for girls to do. Hair demos, nail bars, wine bars and sweets, it was very busy and Once I Was was very well received. Although I could have done without the cosmetic surgery leaflets I kept getting handed. It had been a long week!!!

...eyes shut, as per usual...

These photos are courtesy of the fabulous photographer 'Lydia Stamps'; check out her FB page...

On Saturday I loaded up the car again and headed down to the Salisbury Arts Centre Christmas Craft Fair where a whole bunch of really diverse exhibitors were showing. Was a great day and the 'Once I Was' stocks were rather depleted!

There were some great artists from Brighton exhibiting, I brought a gorgeous print from a lovely lady called Liz Toole... you can check out her work here:

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