Friday, 2 December 2011

The Christmas Bonanza!

Here we are in December. How the hooli' did we get here? I can say that I have had my first mince pie, albeit a mini one, and have put some decs up; some rather snazzy light up crowns and a very camp feathery bird brought on a Liberty shopping trip (I *heart* Liberty sooo much!). The wee man and I have been experimenting with some glitter (I think we are destined to have it all over us until the end of the month) so we are feeling rather festive. The advent calender was started last month but thats a whole other story....

This month brings Once I Was to many a festive soiree including one that I am having a hand in organising, a first for me. Some friends and local creative types are putting on The Christmas Bonanza!. We are managed to get a room in a coffee shop in Salisbury thats open during the Later night Shopping season. We are very excited about the event and have some lovely sellers -will be biggin' them up here very soon! Its quite a small event but its been a rather nice chance to meet some local creative types and have a trial run at putting an event together. Its a shame that there is so much on at the moment - a poorly family and busy day job. Roll on the Holiday!

Here comes the Bonanza!

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